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      Mechanical Engineering
      Analysis & Testing Capabilities
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      Mechanical Engineering
      Analysis & Testing

      Experiencing production problems?

      WHEN does it occur? WHY does it occur? WHERE is its origin?
      HOW is the problem going to be corrected?
      Understanding and correcting the REAL problem is key to solving production challenges.

      An analysis of your production equipment will ensure that you are operating at optimal output.

      Heat Transfer Analysis

      Example: Mold core block transient thermal analysis predicts a thermal pattern of heating or cooling passages in the mold or die. Ideally, the entire core block should perform with desired results.




      Stress & Deflection Analysis

      Example 1: Analysis of molds, die assemblies and machinery, that use finite element computer analysis to project possible excessive bending, possible leaks, fatigue sources or other failures of the equipment.


      Example 2: Analysis of parts during design process determines if parts are able to perform the intended function.


      Vibration & Dynamics Analysis

      Example: Dynamic loading requires the rate of change of momentum / force of all the parts be taken into account. Stress conditions during dynamic loading, such as an impact, depend on the material properties as well as the nature of the impact.

      Process Analysis

      Manufacturing process analysis for a broad range of materials, equipment and automation.

      Example: Molded part flaws are caused by a number of factors - worn barrel or screw, material bridging at feed point, etc.

      Product Testing

      Example: Test equipment, fixtures and stands are specifically designed and built for testing products, processes, components and machinery.

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