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      Custom Replacement Parts
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      IMS' Engineering Team
      has over 192 years
      of combined experience

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      Most components can be custom engineered to your specifications. For example:
      • Screws
      • Barrels
      • Manifolds
      • Screw Tips
      • End Caps
      • Special Purpose Nozzles

      ★ Design

      • Our Engineering staff has over 192 years of combined experience working with various manufacturing disciplines.
      • All parts can be customized to suit your specific applications.

      ★ Build

      • Our experience and use of the latest technology allows us to machine even the most complex of geometries.
      • No matter the size, we have the proper equipment to build your component.
      • Standard micromachining capabilities allow us to manufacture any component regardless of size and quantity.

      ★ Delivery

      • Our finished components are of the highest quality and reliable delivery you've come to expect from IMS.
      • Expedited services are available.

      ★ Special Purpose Nozzles

      Nozzles can be built to any custom length with multiple options of internal design. Color mixing and heating capabilities are available.

      Screw Tips
      • Materials
      • Styles
      • Flow Characteristics
      • Heat Treatment
      • Carbide Inserts

      • Liner Materials
      • Water Jackets
      • Thermocouple Ports
      • Feed Throat Configuration
      • Capacity


      End Caps
      • Materials
      • Standard or Logarithmic Spiral

      Screws - Injection & Extrusion
      • Materials
      • Geometries
      • Coatings (PVO, Carbide, Encapsulation)
      • Stellite, Colmonoy
      • Capacity


      Molds and Mold Components

      Molds and mold components can be built to any size or specification out of various materials. (GIANT Spacer Plate 55" x 55" x 4-1/2" and small Mold shown)





      Manifolds can be built to any custom size out of several material options with multiple ports and internal designs.





      • Height
      • Taper or Logarithmic Spiral
      • Sight Glass
      • Drain
      • Hopper Slides
      • Loader Mounts
      • Extensions
      • Slide Gates
      • Capacity


      Air Take-Off Boxes

      Air take-off boxes can be fabricated to any dimensions out of multiple materials with any number of ports. Additional design features include adjustable air flow and custom mounting.

      Univest Insulation

      • Custom sewn, high heat resistant insulation blankets.
      • Manufactured to conform to simple or complex shapes - saving money and protecting workers.


      Mold Handling Latches

      Mold handling latches can be custom made for specific applications and tolerances.

      Flow Regulators

      Flow regulators can be made for any number of zones and flow rates.


      ... and much more.

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