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      Repair & Refurbishing
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      IMS' Engineering Team
      has over 192 years
      of combined experience

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      E&MS Toll Free Phone: 866-467-9001
      Direct Phone: 330-274-5353
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      Most components can be repaired or refurbished to like-new condition. For example:
      • Screws
      • Tie Bars
      • Grinder Rotors
      • Barrels
      • End Caps
      • Grinder Blades

      ★ Inspection

      • Call for return authorization number.
      • Ship your worn or damaged components as Class 85 Machine Parts to: IMS Company, 10373 Stafford Road, Chagrin Falls, OH 44023
      • Inspection and quotation prior to repair.

      ★ Repair & Refurbishing

      • IMS can repair or refurbish most molds, dies and machine components.
      • We can repair cylindrical parts up to 19 feet long with exacting tolerances.
      • Repaired and refurbished items will meet or exceed new machine performance.

      ★ Delivery

      • Our finished components are of the highest quality and reliable delivery you've come to expect from IMS.
      • Expedited services are available.

      Typical Screw Repair Process

      1. Strip off any plating
      2. Weld undersized or damaged flights
      3. Straighten screw
      4. Grind O.D. to size
      5. Mill welded flights
      6. Grind welded bearing diameter
      7. Polish flights
      8. Chrome plate
      9. Final inspection

      Optional Modifications:

      • Re-cut and sandblast feed zone flights for better feeding
      • Re-cut screw and deepen flights for improved throughput
      • Install thermal insert to transfer excess front-end heat back to the transition zone (shown below)

      If your screw is beyond repair, IMS stocks several popular models of New OEM replacement screws or can design a screw for your application. If what you need is not in stock, you will be quoted a price and delivery of a replacement screw. Typical STOCK models include, but are not limited to: Arburg, Cincinnati, JSW, Kawaguchi, Nissei, Toshiba & Van Dorn.
      Ask about IMS' unique Flite-less™ screws, available only from IMS. They are specially designed to help you produce strain-free, dimensionally stable parts - fewer rejects.

      Typical Injection Barrel Repair Process

      IMS offers relining of barrels up to 8" inside diameter and 180" in length, using D-2, CPM10V, CPM420V or bimetallic liners with specific grade or trade name you prefer.

      Resleeving Steps:

      1. Cut out old liner
      2. Install new liner
      3. EDM or mill out feed port
      4. Hone I.D. to size
      5. Polish
      6. Final inspection

      Optional Modifications:

      • Remove broken end cap studs
      • A full range of steels, hardening treatments and alloys are available
      • Add water jackets
      • Add additional thermocouples
      • Remove broken thermocouple adaptors

      If your barrel is beyond repair, remember that IMS stocks new OEM barrels. If what you need is not in stock, you will be quoted a price and delivery of a replacement barrel.
      Ask about
      Screw & Barrel
      Package Deals!

      Blade Sharpening

      From gate cutters to grinder blades, IMS can lengthen the life of any blade. Properly resharpened blades often perform like new.



      Equipment Repair

      Anything IMS sells... and many other types of equipment can be repaired or modified by IMS' experienced Engineering staff.



      Dew Point Meters, Temperature Control Modules, Tie Bar Strain Gauges... IMS can recalibrate these critically accurate devices and more.

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