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      Advanced Mechanical
      Engineering Capabilites
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      IMS' Engineering Team
      has over 192 years
      of combined experience

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      IMS has a full range of mechanical engineering expertise applicable to all industries.
      For example, IMS' engineering team has the experience to design and build specialty machinery, tools, and many customized products.

      General Industry

      • Assembly Fixturing
      • Aqueous Solution Recovery Mobile System
        - Micro-Filtration
        - Reverse Osmosis
      • Custom Machinery and Tooling
      • Custom Valves and Mechanical Components
      • Electro-Mechanical Products
      • Instruments Packaging / Housing
      • Leak / Pressure Tester for Die Casting Industry
      • Railroad Car Flipper
      • Nuclear Waste Container Fabrication Line
      • Test Stand, Moment of Inertia
      • Tunneling / Boring Equipment for Mining


      Medical Industry

      • Diagnostic System
      • Diagnostic Tooling
      • Gantry Components
      • Custom Stainless Steel Equipment
      • Clean Room Design
      • Calibration and Certification Services

      ...better design builds better tools and equipment for better results.
      Speak with one of our Advanced Mechanical Engineers to see if we can help you
      maximize the mechanical parameters of your tools and equipment.
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