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      Do you decide what to buy based upon PRICE; or an items COST?

      Dear IMS Customer:

      Is getting the most out of your budget dollars a challenge?
      Do you buy on PRICE alone, or is the true COST of a product more important to you?
      If you’re like most of our customers you are likely interested in both. Depending upon what you need, where it’s used, your expectation of the product, and your available budget, you probably consider most if not all of these points when making a decision to buy on PRICE or COST.

      You may be asking, what is the difference between PRICE and COST?

      Generally, the PRICE paid for an item is an indication of its quality and expected service life. Usually the lower the PRICE paid for an item the lower your expectation of its life span; and you know it will almost always have to be replaced more often.

      On the other hand, COST is a LIFE-TIME THING! The true COST is the total amount invested over time for an item including your money, time, labor, and other intangibles. Thus COST is directly related to an item’s performance and the anticipated length of its service life. Generally, the more we pay for an item the more we expect out of it. If it’s higher in COST we generally expect an item to last longer and be worth the difference when compared to a less expensive alternative purchased on PRICE.

      For example, the following comparison explains the real difference between PRICE and COST of two different gate cutters.

      On this website we list many types and sizes of Gate Cutters. When it’s time to buy Gate Cutters you have to decide what’s more important to you; do you buy on PRICE, or do you need to buy based upon COST?

      The PRICE of one Gate Cutter is $7.15 and it will provide you with 15,000 Cycles/Cuts before it fails.
      When it does fail, you’ll likely throw it away because re-sharpening it not worth the investment.

      The COST of a higher quality Gate Cutter is $39.60, but it will provide you with 200,000 Cycles/Cuts before it fails. When it fails you can send it to IMS for sharpening which results in another 150-200,000 Cycles/Cuts before it needs sharpening again.

      To enjoy the same number of Cycles/Cuts (200,000) as the $39.60 Gate Cutter purchased based upon COST, if purchased based on PRICE you would have to buy 14 Gate Cutters at $7.15 each, or spend a total of $100.10 to achieve the same number of Cycles/Cuts before it fails (not to mention any additional costs relating to your time, labor and shipping cost to receive new product). In the final analysis, buying a higher quality gate cutter on COST will dramatically lower your overall investment.

      Back to our original QUESTION: As a buyer of our products, are you only interested in PRICE, or is COST your real concern?

      IMS' website contains thousands of products that will appeal to both types of buyers; someone who buys on PRICE, and someone who buys on COST. And if you are like most of our customers, depending upon what you are buying, and the service level you are looking for in a product, you will be buying on both PRICE and COST. To assist you in making a decision, we offer the following:


      This is the 64th year that IMS has been serving its customers. Many years ago our founder, A. Reynolds "Ren" Morse, made a basic decision that we still live by today: he decided that it would be easier to explain quality and price one time than it would be to apologize for poor product quality forever.

      This very user-friendly website will make your buying decision quite easy. The way we have displayed our products and how we explain and position their quality levels will provide you with an easy way to make the best possible decision on what to buy for your particular application, and which product best meets your budget limitations. The following symbols are posted on our website.

      5 BARS: When you see products throughout this website with this 5-FULL-BARS symbol next to it, you’ll know right away that you are buying the best product available. Products with this 5-FULL-BAR symbol are designated as an "IMS SELECT" quality of product. IMS SELECT designated products are of the highest quality and highest value, and will especially appeal to buyers who are concerned with COST. The "Q" around the "Bar" symbol stands for quality level. 5-FULL-BARS designates our highest quality level, four-bars designates a bit lower in quality than five-bars, etc.
      3 BARS: When you see products throughout this website with this 3-FULL-BARS symbol next to it, you’ll know right away that you are buying an Industry Standard Quality level of product. For many of your day-to-day needs, an Industry Standard Quality product may be the best fit for your level of need when considering all factors.
      Value-Priced Supplies: When you see products throughout this website with this DOLLAR SIGN next to it, you’ll know right away that this is a product that will especially appeal to a PRICE buyer. Such products may represent a quality level that best fits your need for its application. However, a product with this DOLLAR SIGN is not necessarily the cheapest product on the market; it is simply the most Value-Priced item of its type that IMS chooses to sell.
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