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      Press Release

      February 25, 2014

      IMS Company Enables Precise Temperature Control
      through Its New Hydra Water Cooled Circulator

      As the newest member to the IMS Hydra series, IMS Company offers the redesigned water cooled temperature controller to the industrial market; facilitating the control, accuracy, and efficiency of water circulation.

      February 25, 2014 - Chagrin Falls, OH. Fulfilling an industry need for a more efficient and versatile water circulator, IMS Company announces the IMS Hydra Water Cooled Circulator. Enabling precise temperature control and accessibility to the operator, this robust temperature control unit is constructed to maximize operational lifespan and ease-of-use.

      Manufactured with durable components, the new IMS Hydra Water Cooled Circulator uses stainless steel for the majority of its build, including the one horsepower pump and 14 gallon tank. The use of glycol in conjunction with this stainless steel temperature controller virtually eliminates rust and other long-term issues related to water use. Additionally, the tank style design keeps cooling water and process water separated, increasing the unit’s longevity and upholding the clarity of small water passageways.

      Utilizing a high speed digital PID temperature controller with a 9kW heating element allows accuracy in your process water at a ±1°F variance. Also, circulating 30 gallons per minute at an 88ft head (38 psi) enables a temperature range from slightly above plant water temperature up to 250°F, an essential for many manufacturing shops.

      The Hydra water circulator’s open construction design provides easy maintenance access, decreasing process downtime. And because the IMS water cooled temperature controller has a compact layout, it occupies less floor space, while remaining effortlessly portable with mounted casters. Finally, the IMS Hydra temperature controller’s transparent polycarbonate cover protects the machines’ electronics from moisture damage and accidental tampering, while keeping its current status visible to the operator.

      The new IMS Hydra Water Cooled Circulator is available in two stock voltage options: 230/60/3 (IMS #162713) or 460/60/3 (IMS #162714) and includes a two-year warranty. Call 1-800-537-5375 to order the IMS water cooled temperature control unit, or place an order online.

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