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      Press Release

      April 29, 2016

      IMS Now Offers PurgePods™ as a Simple Solution
      during Material Change Outs for Plastic Molders

      IMS Company facilitates fast and simple material change outs with its new product PurgePods™. Easily and effectively remove color residue, previous materials, and carbon buildup on the screw and barrel by simply adding the pod into the hopper along with virgin process resin and letting the operation run.

      PurgePods™ are the latest addition to IMS Company's extensive catalog of products for the plastic molding industry. Designed to save time and reduce waste of expensive compounds, IMS' PurgePods™ are the economical choice that require no weighing or mixing for use. By simply adding the pod to a hopper and running it with process resin, IMS PurgePods™ quickly and effectively clean screws and barrels of color residue and carbon buildup.

      IMS PurgePods'™ advanced technology allows processors to complete an effective material change out at a low cost by using virgin resin material already on hand. Simplifying the process by removing the measuring of materials; all that is needed is just one pod per inch of screw diameter and enough resin to charge the barrel. IMS PurgePods™ also save on shipping cost by purchasing a concentrate formula with no heavy, space-consuming, carrier resins. And because PurgePods™ work safely with all resin types, FDA and EU compliant, and are environmentally safe; they are the practical and cost effective solution to quick cleaning needs.

      IMS Company focuses on processor's needs to increase efficiency with high quality, cost saving products and equipment for shops; IMS PurgePods™ are no exception to this focus. Packaged in pre-measured sealed bags, the pods are simply tossed into the hopper and require no soaking or machine modifications to run through a system. PurgePods™ are the smart choice for quick turnover and general maintenance. And with regular use, PurgePods™ can enable easier start-ups, less scrap, and increased process uptime.

      IMS PurgePods™ come in two different forms, liquid or powder, sealed into an easy-to-use bag that does not melt until it hits a process temperature of 235°F. The liquid based pod is designed to be a universal solution that can be added to any thermoplastic resin to remove carbon buildup, stubborn color, and other contaminants; while also reaching "dead spots" on the screw and barrel. Alternately, the powder filled pod is designed to produce a scrubbing action in the barrel for a more aggressive purge on tough applications; however, it is gentle enough not to damage expensive screws or barrels.

      These new purging solutions from IMS are available in two box sizes in each grade: sample size (box of 5) or in a box of 50. IMS PurgePods™ come in standardized 1 oz. bags and have a temperature range between 275°F and 765°F. Click here to view details and pricing of IMS PurgePods™ or call 800-537-5375 more information.

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