• Item# 165818
    Upgraded Cartridge Heaters for IMS Brand Heated Gate Cutters Model FH2 and FH2-45. 40 Watt Pair (20 Watts Each Heater) Includes Plug & Retaining Clips. *Upgraded with Better Quality Heaters & PTFE Coated Wires for Easier Installation.
    Instruction Manual
    $75.00 pr
  • Item# 108494
    Retainer Clips for Heated Gate Cutter Cartridge Heaters.
    $0.35 ea
  • Item# 102576
    Controller, Solid State, for Heated Gate Cutter. Includes Power Light, On/Off Toggle Switch, 6' Power Cord with 3 Prong Plug, Adjustable Temperature Dial and Fuse.
    $141.40 ea
  • Item# 102580
    Handle Covers, Insulated Foam for Heated Gate Cutters, Pair.
    $7.07 pr
  • Item# 102569
    Blades, Straight, 1 pair, FH2 Heated Gate Cutter,
    $178.70 pr
  • Item# 102562
    Blade Holder Assembly for Heated Gate Cutter Includes Holder and Special Screw
    $24.50 ea
  • Item# 102567
    Fuse for Heated Gate Cutter Controller FHC3.
    $2.50 ea
  • Item# 102908
    Replacement Coil Spring for Model F1 & F2 Heated Gate Cutter.
    $3.95 dz
  • Item# 102553
    Pivot Nut and Bolt Assembly for Heated Gate Cutters Includes Bellville Washer.
    $22.55 ea
  • Item# 107803
    Handle Assembly Only, Heated Gate Cutter, Less Blades. Includes - Handles, Pivot Nut/Bolt, Spring Foam Handle Covers, & Blade Holding Nut/Bolt
    $339.35 ea