• Item# 136862
    Trim Knife, Flash Trimmer, Ceramic Blade, Long Version, Disposable Style, With Non-Removable Blade,
    $27.50 ea
  • Item# 131839
    Trim Knife, Safety Style, T-500 Series, Includes Knife and One Blade.
    $5.40 ea
  • Item# 137579
    Trim Knife With Plastic Handle for Flash Trimming With 15-A Blade.
    $3.20 ea
  • Item# 136863
    Flash Knife, Ceramic Blade Disposable Style With Non-Removable Blade. Small
    $27.50 ea
  • Item# 137112
    Flash Knife, Ceramic Blade Reusable Style With Easy View Blade Storage.
    $29.50 ea
  • Item# 166177
    Break-Away/Snap Off Razor Knife, Auto-Lock with Stainless Steel Blade Track. 11 Point (9mm) Size. Bright Green Color.
    $1.85 ea
  • Item# 102592
    Trim Knife for Flash, 5-1/2" Long Slim Body Style
    $2.70 ea
  • Item# 165842
    Break-Away/Snap Off Knife, Ceramic Blade, Auto-Lock with Stainless Steel Blade Track. 9mm (10 Point) Size. Light Blue Color.
    $7.00 ea
  • Item# 165846
    Utility Knife With Ceramic Blade, Low-Cost, One-Touch Safety Lever Design. Includes One Ceramic Utility-Style Two-Notch Blade.
    $8.75 ea
  • Item# 135799
    Trim Knife, Square Point, 6", 6" Long x 1" Wide Blade, One Sided, Wooden Handle with Guard,
    $9.85 ea