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IMS Drawer Magnets & Housings
The best rare earth drawer magnet in the industry
5 TIMES MORE POWERFUL than previous models

Magnet Housings Features:

  • Non-magnetizing, stainless steel construction so no magnetic power is lost to the housing. Mild steel flanges for low cost.
  • Patented NO-SPILL™ Slide Gate with exclusive magnetic latch to ensure gate stays in full open position during production yet permits easy closing for purging and color changes.
  • EPDM drawer gasket resists heat aging and compression set.
  • Drawer guide to facilitate drawer removal and cleaning.
  • Drawer locking knobs made of high-torque, break-resistant nylon
  • 1/4" thick steel flanges

Drawer Magnets Features:

  • The superior pulling and holding power of Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets
  • Will retain their strength even at temperatures well above 175° F
  • 2 rows of 1" dia. cartridges on 2" centers
  • 80-grit glass bead blasted finish

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